Contemporary abstract art

My artwork features bold and vibrant palettes to create lively pops of colour.  Life is too short for dark, depressing and dull art!

My approach to art is that it should be something I - and hopefully others - find interesting and pleasing to look at.    

Having spent a good portion of my life in South Asia and the Middle East, my colour palette is inspired by Persian rugs, souks and spice bazaars.  At the same time, the contemporary and abstract nature of my work has its roots in Canada.

In addition to working with traditional mediums, I am interested in exploring new ways of making abstract art.  In this vein, I'm currently working with a basic iPad to see what I can come up with.  You can see some of the results in the "Art and the iPad" and "Abstract Calligraphy" sections of this page.

I am currently taking new commission orders.  I enjoy speaking with other artists, designers, clients and critics alike, so get in touch!


You can also follow me on Instagram @virtualhamza