I started exhibiting my art in public in late 2015.  I have been pleasantly surprised by the response to date and hope to increase the frequency of exhibitions.  The following is a list of completed and upcoming shows:


- A piece from my Abstract Calligraphy Series was shown at the Malja Here and Now Show (Group Exhibition, Manama, Bahrain, 2015).

- Art and the iPad Series Exhibition at The Ministry of Coffee and Social Affairs (Solo Exhibition, Ottawa, Canada, 2015).

- Homage to Nomadic Rugs Series Exhibition at Suzy Q (Ottawa, Canada, 2016).

- Art and the iPad Series Exhibition at GigSpace Art Gallery (Ottawa, Canada, 2016, July - August).

- Abstract Calligraphy Series Exhibition at Z Gallery (Dubai, UAE, April - June 2017).

I am always interested in collaborating with galleries, other artists, designers and collectors, so feel free to get in touch for ideas.


I have also donated art to fundraising activities in support of a children's hospital in Ottawa and two causes in the UAE.  I will continue to channel a portion of my sales to charitable causes I care about.